Colonic Treatment information

Health Improvement through Colonic Irrigation / Colonic Hydrotherapy

Waste material can build up in our colon.
Sometimes the delicate balance of our health can be affected by diet and the stress of a “modern lifestyle”.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is an effective way of removing waste matter by using the gentle introduction of water into the bowel which stimulates the muscle to contract, thus toning, exercising and cleansing the bowel.


How many colonics will I need?

This can vary depending on your aims and your current state of health and can be discussed with your therapist. Older wastes that have built up over time may require a short course of treatments, your therapist will discuss this with you at the first session. ARCH therapists are trained to the highest standards and we will always give you our best advice. We will never pressurise anyone to have more treatments than are desired or necessary . It is fine to come along and try one treatment to see how you find it.

Special Detox Coffee Colonic

The use of the Coffee enema for detoxification purposes has been used by Naturopaths for many years and was used in hospitals up until 1977.
The liver filters the blood to clear it of toxins, but due to processed foods, alcohol and medication the liver can become congested and the channels within it can become blocked. http://nä This can cause toxins to re-circulate in the body and impaired liver function, which can lead to weight gain, aches and pains, cellulite, headaches, hormone and skin problems and other health issues.

When properly administered, a coffee implant (using fresh, organic coffee) causes the liver to produce more bile and open the bile ducts.  This can release toxins.

Reported benefits of the coffee implant can include quick relief from fatigue, pain, headaches and malaise that even pain medication can’t touch. Many patients also report an increased sense of well-being, and believe it or not, coffee implants help many people relax and get a good nights sleep.


Clients report many benefits from having colonic hydrotherapy, irrigation including:

  • Relief from bowel problems such as constipation, IBS or bloating
  • improvement in other health problems eg asthma, skin problems, migraines, general fatigue.
  • as a great de-tox often alongside changes to diet and lifestyle.
  • also its really popular with people who are training, sports people and those trying to lose weight.